Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thrifty isn't just for the kitchen!

So have I mentioned that I'm also quite thrifty when it comes to home decor? Well I am! I think this is somewhat of an inherited trait since my mom's hobby is her antique shop. Although she does sell things at retail price in her shop, our family home as well as my home are almost completely decorated in her auction finds. This is especially true of my home since her decorating budget is much larger than mine! While this may be seen as a problem for some people, I think it is quite fun! I love the way my home looks and I love that a lot of the furnishings have come from interesting places, like the Salvation Army.

Now I have to admit that my bedroom only contains 1 Goodwill find and you can't really see it in this picture.

I love the bed! I got it at an antique store at an extremely reduced price. The bed isn't an antique but it was at a price I could afford and gave me the look I wanted. I love four poster beds, I also have a cherry one in my guest room and eventually want another cherry one for the master bedroom (which I may be getting soon as relatively new ones often go pretty reasonable at auction). The black is also a good find (not only price wise) because it was easy to get other pieces to match it (all you need is a can of paint!).
The bedding was also a thrifty find! The sheets are a found item -- my mom redecorates often and these had been cast aside for a new look which means score for me! The bedspread was a HomeGoods find for $20 (a steal for a queen size bedspread). The duvet was probably the best find! I got the entire set (excluding the down comforter) for $60 at KMart. It is from the Martha Stewart line and is equal in quality to the extremely expensive Pine Cone Hill bedding that is on my bed at my mom's house. When decorating a room, don't forget to check out your local discount store for things like bedding, most places will have a "high end" like that is equal in quality to things that you would find in a more expensive department store. Don't forget that taking the time to iron your bedding before making your bed! It will make even the most plain and simple of bedding look much more luxurious!
What are your thrifty decorating tips?

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