Thursday, April 23, 2009

Random question

Because she is awesome, my mom got me a vintage Louis Vuitton bag and a vintage Ferragamo bag at an antique auction (I'll post pics when I can find my camera -- its exam time at my house so I can't find anything). Both bags are awesome and real -- all have the proper identification marks (date codes, etc.) plus this auction company only carries really high end products and has experts who can determine authenticity before the items are ever sold so Mom if you read this -- you're really awesome!

Anyway, since these items did come from an auction I don't have dust bags to store them in. I'm not carrying my Neverfull right now so it is resting in the storage bag that it came in so I can't use it. Also, all of those little bags that bed sheet sets come in that I also use as dust bags for my purses that didn't come with dust bags are either too small or already in use.

I'm a huge fan of storing my purses (all purses) in dust bags, I feel that it really extends the life by protecting it from becoming either scratched or covered in dust/dog/cat hair and need a couple for these new bags!

I realize that is a lot of build-up for a really simple question -- where can I find purse dust bags? I've checked on ebay and only found one which I am probably going to buy (assuming the risk that I'll be sued and/or arrested because I bought what is probably a knockoff dust bag and the powers that be will assume I'm either a collector or seller of LV knockoff products -- that will be fun to attach to my bar application, j/k) but I was wondering if I have any other options. Does sell stuff like this?

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