Saturday, April 18, 2009

I need some help!

The BF and I are hosting a bit of a party tonight. I can't give a lot of details about it right now b/c it's supposed to be a surprise party. I will post pics from it later when I can blog about it more. BUT I do have a bit of a problem -- I can't figure out what to wear! I need some opinions from all of my fashionable blog friends!

I have two questions. First which outfit do I wear? Do I go with the shorts and yellow cardigan? Or do I go with the dress?

Do we like this outfit? And if we do which shoes do I wear (see below)?

Or is this one better?

Do we like these with the shorts/cardigan outfit?

Or would these look better?
We're having a bit of a bbq/house party. Food will be chips and dip and such. We may go out after the party. If any of this information is helpful in you decision!
Thanks guys! I'm having the hardest time picking out clothing lately! I've gain a bit of weight so I think my wardrobe crisis may stem from that but any way you look at it I need help for tonight!
Have a good Saturday!


Preppy 101 said...

Just my opinion: If you think you'll be going out after the party, I would def wear the fun, cute dress! The shorts are darling with the sweater, but the dress might be your best bet cause then you are ready for anything!! More partyish looking ;-) xoxo

AmyT said...

well I'm late...I didn't sign on yesterday....hope it went well!