Thursday, April 9, 2009

Can you guess what's inside?

Two of my favorites have a birthday this weekend. The bf's birthday is tomorrow! I haven't gotten his present yet (I'm a bad gf). In my defense; however, he is extremely hard to shop for so I'm just going to let him pick it out tomorrow when we're shopping at South Park Mall in Charlotte.
My bff's birthday is on Sunday and the lovely picture above is a great teaser since she is the lovely Katie Lake at A Southern Girl in the City. I promise whats inside the package is as lovely as the package looks! Can't wait to see you on Saturday.
In case you're interested, the entire gift is a thrifty girl purchase! The wrapping paper and ribbon came from Dollar Tree and what's inside came from a consignment shop and the thrift store (and no I'm not cheap -- it's a very nice gift that I would have totally bought for myself)!
Anyway, happy early birthday to my bf and my bff!


CTB said...

I am the world's worst wrapper ever. Your package looks so pretty and perfect for Spring.

Katie Lake said...

I am so freakin' excited to see you and I can't wait to see what my gift is!

For anyone else reading this - she gives the best gifts! When we shop for each other it is like shopping for ourselves so we always know we're going to get super awesome presents!

Katie said...

Well Ms. Katie Lake you get to see your gift tomorrow! Perhaps you may want to wear it tomorrow night as well -- or maybe not we are going to the Line after all!