Monday, May 4, 2009

Random weekend finds

Since I'm totally procrastinating (my car is 4 miles away at my mom's antique shop and I'm not in the mood for a workout yet) I've decided to do another post about all of my weekend finds!

First of all, I found a dress for a black tie wedding that the bf and I are attending in June. I was not aware this was a black tie affair until yesterday (thanks bf, I appreciate that) so I was planning on wearing a simple black shift dress with this amazing aqua lace jackie-o style jacket over it (the jacket is part of a 3 piece skirt suit that I bought at a thrift store for $7, its a little too much to wear together but is amazing as separates, the shell looks great with navy J.Crew cafe capris and silver pumps). I have to admit I'm a little annoyed that I had to purchase a black tie appropriate dress for this wedding since I've met the bride and groom once. Anyway, Ross (the store) saved the day. I found an amazing strapless satin and lace dress on the clearance rack that I love, although I was very tempted to buy the tackiest prom dress available and wear it just to be funny :-)

I found several other great things while at home -- I found a great navy damask top sheet to go in my master bedroom (I'm kind of in to mixing and matching bed linens right now). I'm going to pair it with an extremely pale blue bottom sheet and white linen pillowcases. I also found (1) a full bottle of contact solution (very excited b/c I'm out); (2) my passport (good thing to have); (3) a full load of items to take to the consignment shop ($ for me); (4) a box of Kate Spade stationary that I bought last year to use as thank you notes; and finally (5) a navy Ralph Lauren polo dress (I was wondering where that was, very excited to have found it again).

I also plan on raiding my mom's kitchen before I leave so that the bf and I won't have to go grocery shopping this week (sometimes thrifty = scavenger).

From my random list of finds take this advice -- stores like Ross and TJMaxx are goldmines, I don't buy formal wear or bed linens anywhere else -- you may have to dig but it's totally worth it. Also, don't forget to give your parent's home a good once over when you're there, especially if you are like me and half of your wardrobe is already there. It's like shopping for free, what's better than that?

I think that is about all of the procrastinating I can do today, I gotta go get my car.


BLC :o said...

Ha, I love that you are raiding your mother's pantry ... I so do that!!! Xoxo-BLC

CTB said...


hahah!! Love it!

I completely agree with you about TJ Maxx. It has saved the day many times!

AmyT said...

I'm very very good at putting things off!! I love that you raide you moms place!

Anonymous said...

It makes me feel better knowing that I wasn't the only person raiding my mom's fridge when I came home. haha. My honey and I did the last time we were home so we didn't have to go grocery shopping. It's amazing what mom keeps in her pantry.