Saturday, May 30, 2009

Finally, some thriftyness!

Since the bf and I are staying with his aunt and uncle currently, I haven't been cooking at all. BF's uncle is an amazing cook so we've been very spoiled in terms of dining lately! Which I guess is a little unfortunate for my blog since it is supposed to be about food.

I do have some thrifty thoughts of note. Today the bf, his aunt and I went to the Prime Outlets in Lake View, Wisconsin. I must admit, I love outlet malls, I think they are a goldmine in terms of finding a good deal! I found several of the aforementioned good deals today, especially at the J.Crew outlet. I love the J.Crew outlet, it's almost the same stuff you find at the store, but its always on sale and much cheaper! I got a pair of the buttery twill pants in navy as well as a green chino critter skirt with anchors and a navy Jackie cardigan, all for $66. Most of the stuff was already on sale and I got an additional 15% off with my student I.D. For those of you who don't know, J.Crew gives a 15% student discount and a 15 or 20% discounts for teachers. If you apply for one of these, let them know when you check out next time so that you can get the discount.

I also racked up at the Old Navy outlet since they had basics on sale; I got basic t-shirts for $6 a piece and a really cute pair of shorts for $6 on clearance! Every store I went in had amazing sales, so next time you want to go shopping check out your local outlet mall, you never know what you'll find.

I was also excited that there was a White House Black Market outlet as well as a Cole Haan outlet. For those of you still looking for dresses to wear to all of those summer weddings, White House Black Market had some really cute things deeply discounted. I was hoping to find a pair of basic navy pumps at Cole Haan but was unable to do so, oh well, hopefully I'll find a pair soon (I need them to wear with my new interview suit).

So that's about all for today. I have to apologize for my last couple of posts being so negative, I'm afraid it's made me seem like I really don't like my new surroundings. It's not that at all, the behavior of the two individuals I blogged about was truly appalling to me and I just felt the need to blog about it.

In other news, I really LOVE Chicago! I think it was a great decision for the bf and I to move here to start our careers! Hopefully I'll have some more thrifty finds very soon!

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Anonymous said...

I love white house black market. Sounds like fun!