Tuesday, May 5, 2009

No recipe but cute outfit!

It was storming outside so the bf and I decided to go out for Mexican instead of cooking at home for Cinco de Mayo. The food was good and I was excited to have a new outfit to wear thanks to my shopping spree in my closet at my mom's house. I'm so excited about finding the capris that I took a picture of my outfit. I actually chose to wear the Jack Rogers because it was raining out.

The first picture is of the fabric. I'm a little disappointed that the metallic sheen doesn't show up better in the photo. In real life the dusty pink of the linen is covered with a golden metallic sheen.

As you can see I decided to wear the capris with a simple black tank with ruffles on the top and black pearls. I couldn't decide on the shoes when I picked the outfit out, but I think that sandals and the ballet flats look equally good with the outfit.
What are some of your recent clothing discoveries among what you already have?


Children of the Nineties said...

I think I like it with the sandals, for summer. Cute!

Tiffany said...

Love the sandals!
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CTB said...

Those are really cute capris. Thanks for the picture. I was on the hunt for some really cute espadrilles for summer and couldn't find any I liked. Then when I was cleaning out my closet a few weeks ago I found a pair I bought at the end of season last year and completely forgot about! That's the best feeling.

AmyT said...

very cute outfit!!!!!!

Katie Lake said...

Dude. I can't believe you left out what a great find the tank top was.

Needs Help said...

I'm really into anything metallic right now, especially muted gold things! I tagged you in my blog if you want to participate :)