Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Thank you Comedy Central

To quote our President, "Kanye West is a jackass." While Pres. Obama was very blunt about his feelings on the matter, Comedy Central (and I assume Trey Parker and Matt Stone) had a much more subtle way to expressing their opinion about what Kanye did at the VMAs. I have to say I love it. South Park is by far my favorite show on television, I love it so much I wrote my senior thesis on it in college. I think it is smart and relevant and hilarious. Tonight they totally outdid themselves. Nothing says screw you more than showing the Fish Sticks episode for 2 hours straight.

For those of you who don't watch South Park regularly, the Fish Sticks episode is essentially an entire episode dedicated to making fun of Kanye West and calling him an ego manic and a douchebag (excuse the language). It is hilarious and in light of Kanye's outburst at the VMA's nothing calls Kanye out more than airing the episode for two hours straight. South Park you have done it again!

Moving on, now a topic related to the basis of my blog -- kitchen storage. My new kitchen is great, and new, but lacking on cabinet space. I feel that a lot of kitchens are this way, there is a lot of floor space but not a lot of storage space. To solve this problem I placed a chest of drawers in the far wall in my kitchen. It does not take up a lot of space and gives me extra room to store things like wrapping paper, my waffle maker and my silverware. I've posted pics of it below to illustrate my point.
Above is the bottom drawer, I've used it for small appliances that I use fairly regularly. The drawers of the chest are deep enough to store some of my larger plastic ware and my mini food chopper and my waffle iron. My George Foreman usually goes in there too, but it was in use when I took the pics.
This is the top drawer of the chest. I use it to store extra coffee mugs and my silverware. Since my cabinet space is limited due to the fact that I've got a built in microwave and a dishwasher, and I only had two drawers I knew that I had to add storage space because I didn't want to get rid of any of my kitchen stuff. I've found this to be a perfect solution.

Here's a view of the entire chest. As you can see it is also a great place to showcase the bf's bobble head collection.

Another view of the bf's beloved bobble heads.
I really do think this is a great storage option in kitchens that are lacking in cabinet space. First of all, as I previously said a 4 drawer chest doesn't take up that much floor space. Second, the storage is hidden so if your drawers are a mess no one will know. Third, you can pick up an inexpensive chest at your local thrift store for cheap and paint it or stain it to fit your tastes. I actually need to either stain or paint this piece, I just haven't had the time. That will be one of my weekend projects sometime soon.
What are your storage solutions?
Happy Tuesday!


CTB said...

South Park is hilarious and always dead on! I drive my husband crazy asking him if he likes fish sticks. How awesome that you got to write your senior thesis on South Park.

AmyT said...

LOVE southpark!! Do you eat fishsticks? Do you put them in your mouth? LOL

Leslie @ A Blonde Ambition said...

You gotta love Comedy Central! South Park is seriously one of the funniest, most well-written shows ever.