Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My weakness

I have a confession, I love shoes. I mean I really love shoes as in I have over 50 pairs just at my apartment, not counting the ones that I have at my mom's house. My biggest shoe weaknesses ever are Chanel ballet flats. I love them, I think they are classic, practical and stylish just to name a few adjectives.

Needless to say, I have three pairs. I have a black pair, a silver pair, and a navy pair. However, true to form, I only paid full price for one pair. The other two were found on ebay and at a shoe store that sells used, irregular, and runway sample shoes.

Below is the only pair that I paid full price for. They were a gift to me from my mom last time we went to New York. Although they were pricey, they were well worth the cost since I wear them with almost everything. They are perfect for day, evening, and especially work. I really love the mix of black leather and black patent leather.

Below are the first pair that I purchased. I actually got them for $30 at the aforementioned shoe store. They have definately been worn but they still look great! The silver is actually more practical and seasonless than I originally thought and again I love them for both work and play!

This is my latest pair, an ebay purchase. I was hoping to find a pair of navy ballet flats to wear with jeans and skirts and was extremely excited to find a used pair on ebay a couple of weeks ago. They have definately seen better days, but I'm hoping that with a good cleaning and some navy shoe polish they will look as good as new. I'll post pics after I've spruced them up!

Finally I've got a pic of all three pairs, mostly to illustrate my point about how timeless the style is.

I hope everyone is having a fabulous week!


CTB said...

I'm so jealous! Those ballet flats are so fabulous! Can't wait to see the navy ones after you spruce them up. You're so good at that.

AmyT said...

A lady after my own heart...I LOVE shoes - I actually have probably over a 100 pair...seriously - about 10 or so years ago I cleaned out my closet - got rid of 25 pair...and still had 75......and needless to say I have gotten many more since then....I am beyond obessed with shoes!!!!! The bad part is a lot of them are still in boxes in our storage building....I go out there every now and again and bring more in.....I just don't have the room for them. SIGH - but I still buy more - I just cannot help myself.

Freck said...

Oh so cute! I don't have a pair, but I have a pair of look-alikes and I love them. They really are classic and go with everything!

Breadwinner Wife said...

I am a flats girl myself, those are absolutely classic!

Leslie @ A Blonde Ambition said...

Ah, don't you love ballet flats?! They are perfect any time of the year : )

By the way, I left you something on my blog : )