Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A bit of a confession

So I must admit, sometimes I seriously eat like a 5 year old/frat boy. I never met a buffet I didn't like and actually was extremely excited that my Valentine's Day dinner consisted of an extra large pizza from my favorite pizza place.

That said, I must also admit that I'm still obsessed with cup-o-noodles. With a fridge full of fantastic leftover risotto, last night for dinner I chose to eat a cup of instant lunch. Which isn't surprising considering that I'm still on a student's budget, I mean cup-o-noodles is $0.25 of amazing!

Anyway, I just wanted to confess my love of cup-o-noodles, look for a dinner recipe post later tonight!


Katie Lake said...

You're blogging in class again aren't you? lol

Katie said...

I get really bored..