Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Random thoughts

Since I made so much of the spaghetti and lamb meatballs on Sunday, I didn't cook last night (I just cooked some more noodles, added some low fat cheese to the sauce, tossed it in a baking dish, topped it with more cheese and turned it into baked spaghetti) I don't have a recipe for today (although I'm working on one for creamy black beans and rice). However, I do have some random thoughts.

Thought number one:
I saw in one of the free newspapers today that even though the Chicago Marathon is sold out, that I can still participate through the American Cancer Society. This would be perfect, because I think that the American Cancer Society is a great organization and since I've lost grandparents to cancer. Also, a lot of people very close to me have been affected by cancer I'd love to support the organization. Thing is, it's a really scary thing for me to take on right now. Besides running 26.2 miles, I'd also need to raise $950 to participate with the organization. Since I'm currently unemployed, $950 is a lot of money for me to raise plus I'm really out of shape, and studying for the bar exam. I feel like I could probably raise the money, but I'm really worried that I won't be able to get in shape in time to participate. I've ran a half marathon and it was fine, but a full marathon is a different story. Have any of you participated in a marathon before? If I started training now would I have time to get into shape by Oct. 11?

Thought number two:
I've been searching for a pair of navy pumps since April to go with my new suit. I have a pair but they are very uncomfortable because they are a 1/2 size too small. They also look really weird on my feet. I'm very excited to announce that after almost 2 months of constant searching I found a pair on Ebay that are in my price range and they're Manolo's.

I have to admit that I'm a little bit of a shoe snob and will definitely pay full retail for a pair of Manolos when I can afford it but I'm always very excited to find a bargain on a pair. I do have to explain the reasoning behind my snobbery though, so I don't sound like a complete tool. In my chosen profession I am generally required to wear a suit and heels every day (which sucks) and after a summer of doing this I learned that the more expensive shoe brands are A LOT more comfortable! There is a reason Carrie Bradshaw could run around the streets of NYC in her Manolos. Also, a good pair of shoes (higher quality) always ups the ante on a more moderately priced outfit (the same goes for a handbag). I have to thank my mom for this advice, as a very thrifty person herself, she taught me that there are certain things that you absolutely should buy the best you can afford because these items will last much longer than several cheaper alternatives.

That motherly advise aside. Ebay (if I win the auction) is definitely a lifesaver in this situation because apparently navy is an unpopular shoe color this season and the only retail options I have found have been either office inappropriate and poor quality or very old ladyish. I'll post more about the shoes if I win the auction.

That's about all for today, and yes I realize this was a very, very random post.


CTB said...

That is great advice from you and your mom. You really can make a simple black tshirt and pencil skirt like like a million bucks by pairing them with a great bag and fun heels. I totally endorse your snobbery. :)

Good luck bidding!

Sparkle Sparkle said...

i still can't spend a lot on shoes, though i should. i just wear them down so quickly. i use to care my first few months of the clerkship about my clothes, but now...ha. oh well. if i move to the big apple hopefully i will be inspired. and i can never find navy shoes and just always wear brown. jealous of your find!