Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I won the shoes!

Too excited! They are perfect and practical and my size (very important). I also got them for less than $100 (including shipping). I'm super pumped. I had budgeted around $200 for a pair of navy pumps since they fall into my "basics" category of black, brown, tan and navy. I tend to spend more on "basics" that I wear day after day than I do on items that are less practical since I'm a huge cost per wear person. The way I see it, it makes much more sense (to me at least) to spend more on one item that I'm going to wear forever than to buy several cheap things that I may only wear for a season or two.

I've also decided that I am going to take on the marathon! I talked to my mom today and she was really supportive and hinted that she'd help me raise the money (mostly because I'm thinking that I'm going to get the call that she's keeping Gus my cat and she doesn't want me to be too mad at her. She's wrong, I'll catnap Gus if I have too, but I'm excited for the support). Right now I can do about 6 miles without getting really winded so the move up to 9 won't be awful and then the move to 13 won't be horrible and so on.

Finally, since the bf is obsessed with rugby (he played in high school and college and coached while in law school) he's decided to join a rugby club here in Chicago. So that I know what the hell he's talking about I'm thinking about joining one as well. I've been looking for a new sport to play (I was thinking ice hockey but the equipment is really expensive) and I feel like rugby would give the violence that I want with hockey but all it would cost me is a pair of cleats and a mouthguard. As an added bonus, I feel like it combined with joining my sorority's alumni chapter would be a great way for me to make new friends here in Chicago, especially since BarBri isn't exactly a social networking center.

Also, look for a great spaghetti remake post tomorrow called spaghetti pie which I created out of Monday's leftovers.


CTB said...

I want to see a picture of the shoes!!

Rugby? Sounds like a great legal way to get out any aggression or tension you might be feeling at the time. haha

AmyT said...

yes we need pics!!

Anderson said...

Congrats on the manolos! Don't you just love eBay?

Little Pink Magnolia said...

Sorry, that last comment was me... I was logged in to my boyfriends account!

BLC :o said...

You had me a shoes! Enjoy and yaya for winning. Xoxo-BLC

Anonymous said...

No one around here plays rugby but I was always curious what it was like. You have to let us know what you think about it.