Friday, March 27, 2009

This Calls for a Celebration!

I finally finished my Illinois bar exam application!!! I know this may not seem like a big deal but applying to take the bar is an extremely time consuming process. You have to provide the state bar association with all kinds of information that you may or may not have -- things like all your dorm room addresses from when you were in college and the names of two undergraduate professors who will (1) remember you and (2) provide you with an academic reference.

I have to admit; however, that the IL bar application is a lot easier than the applications of several other states, especially North Carolina. Did you know that in order to receive the privilege of just taking the bar exam in NC that you have to provide a certified birth certificate? You also have to provide your fingerprints! Even better, Virginia requires you to list every parking ticket you've ever had!

It never stops amazing me exactly how many hoops we have to jump through to become attorneys. First there is the application process just to get into law school. Then there are 3 years of constant studying and twice yearly exams. Then you finally graduate just to start studying for the bar exam the next day. Then you spend 10 hours a day studying for a two day exam that will determine whether or not you will be able to use that approximately $100,000 degree. Did I also mention that preparing for the bar is also very expensive (and this doesn't include law school tuition).

And now that I am nearing the end of this journey I feel that a celebratory dinner/drink is in order (I feel like I somehow have to relate this post to food, otherwise it just seems like a rant). Look for a related post later today with tonights celebration menu!

Have a good Friday!


Katie Lake said...

Hurray! We have so many good things to celebrate when you and the lover come home! I'm so excited!

Christine said...

I took the bar last july so know what that what a pain that process was. SC requires fingerprints, all dmv driving records, and I can't remember how many references. I am taking NY in July and I haven't even started the application. apparently it is really short, not due until April and then they later do the character part. dreading it...! and the bar too!