Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Great for a spring dinner party!

Dinner Party Attire:
Besides loving a good bargain in the kitchen I'm also a fan of bargains in all other aspects of my life, especially clothing. I'm a huge fan of the thrift store so I've decided to incorporate some of these finds into my blog -- after all every good hostess needs the perfect outfit to make her dinner party complete! Gus also thought this was a great idea and decided to be part of the fun I love how he hides under the covers and just sticks his head out!
Why I love this outfit:
I think this outfit would be great for a spring bbq or for outdoor cocktails. And yes, part of it did come from the thrift store! I thought it would be fun for me to describe the outfit pointing out the bargains and the classics, I think I'll start with the biggest bargain, the capris.
The Dirty Details:
I love these capri pants, I think the little Martini glasses are adorableThey are J.Crew and I got them for $3 at a thrift store called Mega Thrift. The shirt is from French Connection and wasn't that expensive, but definitely was not $3. The purse was another bargain -- its Kate Spade and I got it at a used/overstock shoe store for $100! The shoes are a classic, Jack Rogers, and I love that they go with absolutely everything, not exactly a bargain but for as much as I wear them my cost per wear is next to nothing. The necklace is another find (its fake), I think it was like $4 or $5 at Claires.

This was a nice break from just posting recipes so look fo similar posts! Enjoy!


CTB said...

Cute outfit! I love Kate Spade and am ultra jealous of your good deal!

Preppy 101 said...

That is so darling!!

AmyT said...

cute outfit!! and love the purse!!

Anonymous said...

Ooo.. I love, love, love those shoes!

Little Pink Magnolia said...

Love the outfit! I am amazed that you found J Crew pants at a thrift store - I am jealous!