Saturday, March 28, 2009

I even had the perfect party outfit!

Not only did I have fun recipies for my bar application/basketball party but I also had a great outfit to wear -- super casual but still very cute!
I love this outfit. Not only was it super cute and preppy but it was also very comfortable. Even better, all of it came from the thrift store! I'll start at the top and work my way down for the descriptions! The shirt is Ralph Lauren and was $3.99 at the thrift shop. I didn't even need to do any work on it; all I did was wash and starch it (I starch my button ups). The jeans are Citizens of Humanity and looked like brand new when I picked them up at the thrift store for $4.99; again all I did was wash them. Finally the shoes they are Coach and I got them at the thrift store as well for $3.99. Now I admit these required a lot of TLC, which most thrift store shoes do; I had to apply stain remover to the entire shoe with a tooth brush to remove most of the grime and wash them twice before they began to look like new again; however, for $3.99 it was totally worth the effort!
I decided to put all of my thrift store finds in one outfit to demonstate that you can buy expensive, good quality clothing at the thrift store for a fraction of the price you'd pay anywhere else. If I had bought all of these items at a department store I would have paid at least $400 but the entire outfit cost me around $15! So next time you're out and need an outfit that makes you the hottest hostess in town, stop in your local thrift store and see what you can find! Now on to the accessories!

I love the accessories. I'm not a huge jewlery person so I like to keep these simple usually stud earings and pearls. The earings are the focus of my accessories description because they were a steal! They are Tiffany and the bf got them for me for Valentine's Day at my favorite consignment store for $60! I have to admit they needed a little TLC, but after a good cleaning they look like brand new but for a fraction of the brand new price! The pears were a gift from my mom, but I think they may have come from an antique auction.


CTB said...

Cute! I've decided that I'm going to send you all of my sizes and let you be my personal shopper! What amazing deals!

Katie said...

sounds great! finding deals is kind of my strange hobby!