Friday, February 5, 2010

Today's Rachael Ray

I'm sitting here watching Rachael Ray's human experiment talking about non-surgical ways to increase breast size and it makes me wonder about why we have this stigma against the surgical option in this situation.

Just as a warning some of you may disagree with my opinions on this topic especially since there appears to be such a negative public opinion on the topic but to be honest, I think that public opinion is crap. Granted there are extreme cases (Pamela Anderson, Heidi Montag I'm talking to you) where women go too far or exercise their surgical option for the wrong reasons. I am absolutely against getting the surgery because some guy told you to do it. I am also absolutely against getting implants that make you look like a circus freak.

What bothers me is the negative stigma against women who get breast implants for the right reasons and do so tastefully. I know several women who decided to get breast implants to make themselves look better in their own eyes. Most went from a small A cup to a big B cup or a small C cup. They look proportional and because of the added confidence they seem to be happier and more confident. Sure there are risks, it is surgery and yes implants can rupture but instances of that are rare. Also, most of the women that I know who have gotten implants have really done their research in terms of the surgeon they use -- after all these are smart, educated, and successful women who had surgery to make themselves more confident.

I guess what my real rant here is that the media never does a story on these women. All we hear about are the negatives associated with the surgery. But really, is wearing a hard plastic device for 10+ hours a day in order to increase breast size that much less extreme? I just find it annoying that the media can't show a balanced segement on the topic.

What are your thoughts on the topic?


Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic said...

I'm going to have to agree with you. While I think a woman who is as flat as say Kate Hudson still looks amazing, a woman or girl that is as flat chested as her may not feel that great about herself.

One of my best friends was always so upset about her chest. She was amazingly tall and had a killer body but always hated her hips and would always say - If I could just be a bit larger in my chest area, I'd feel more balanced and feminine. She wasn't going for Pam Anderson boobs or anything crazy. I told her to do what made her feel complete/pretty.

She did. She got reasonable and natural looking implants. She was a bit disappointed at first. Thinking she went too small. She felt she looked the same as she did when she wore a super padded bra. I told her that was the point. They looked normal, natural and real. I finally saw the satisfaction in her eyes when she tried on her first bathing suit after getting this done. She had a huge smile and was so happy to see herself in a bikini and feeling balanced.

From what I can tell she hasn't had a single issue or complaint - she has since had 2 kids and is still happy with the procedure.

There are plenty of negative things that can happen that's for sure. And I'm all for preaching to keep it real and natural but the bottom line is if you're truly unhappy with your chest, or your nose, or your eyes or anything you shouldn't feel bad that you want to get it fixed. Extreme cases excluded from that comment obviously. I mean you look at Heidi, Pamela and even Joan Rivers and all you can think is MY GOD WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!?! All three of them looked SO much better natural!!! (Heidi even looked great after her FIRST bit of work) NOw she's creepy and has circus boobs!

KatieSPerk said...

Good point! The other thing is that I don't feel like it is any of my business who is getting work done. I think that is a personal decision and everybody has that right.

Anonymous said...

One "negative" I'd like to hear talked about more is that having breast implants makes early breast cancer less detectable, which is why even though I am small-chested, I will not get implants. It is a well-known fact (thanks Susan G. Komen) that the earlier breast cancer is detected, the more likely the patient is to be "cured." The implants make it much more difficult for your GYN to feel any small areas of concern in your annual exam, and implants can also obscure mammograms (though May Clinic (Google breast implants breast cancer: it's the fifth link) says they are still effective with implants...while you do run a small risk of rupture!) Anyway. If one in eight women will develop breast cancer during their lifetime, this seems like a significant enough risk for me to think that they are not that great of an idea. Anyways. That's my 2 cents!

Freck said...

I totally agree. If they aren't massive bowling balls on a body that can't handle it, then my silly judgemental-ness comes out, but they do look ridiculous when they're that large. I totally agree with you though where those who do get a size that fits their body, they have more confidence and are happier. I wish I could have seen Rachael Ray today!

AmyT said...

Personally, I don't see anything wrong with it, like you said - if it's for 'you'. I have actually been doing a log of research on it, and have been considering it - it's for ME.....After having 3 kids, things just aren't the same in that department LOL.....they get HUGE....go down...get HUGE again...go down MORE....get HUGE...what where did they go?!?!? Not to get personal...but when you go from a full C down to the smallest B there is....umm yea, HELP please ;-)

SO...I see nothing wrong with it - I mean of course I don't want to look like a freak, I want something that will compliment my body .....!! It's actually something I've thought about for a while.