Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Thrifty finds winter addition

I'm very happy to report that I've finally found a thrift store I like here in Chicago (I've also found a consignment shop)! As you can imagine, I'm super excited about both finds.

I actually found the thrift store accidentally -- I was running errands and saw a Salvation Army thrift store next to Jewel and decided to check it out. I was skeptical at first since it has been my experience that Salvation Army thrift stores usually aren't that great; however, I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered this gem.

My first stop came up a little dry, but I really lucked out on my second and third visits. My second visit stemmed from a conversation with my mom regarding winter boots. Since moving to Chicago in May my mom has been pretty insistent that I purchase a heavy winter coat and warm boots (aka Uggs). I, of course, resisted at first, but ended up with a beautiful coat but still wouldn't let her talk me into the Uggs. You see, I really hate Uggs because living in the south for all of my life my only exposure to the boot was that horrible miniskirt/Ugg trend. However, on one of those balmy Chicago winter days where there was no snow on the ground (so I couldn't wear rainboots with wool socks) I wore only my dress shoes with trouser socks; I then realized that my mom was right -- I needed a pair of winter boots. I was going to purchase the Ugg type shoe at Target or Wal-Mart -- after all I would only wear them too and from the train, but my mom insisted that I purchase the Uggs. Long story short, in order to make my mom happy and also not spend $150 I decided to see what the Salvation Army had.

My trip to the Salvation Army not only procured me a pair of gently used Uggs (which I promptly cleaned and sanitized) but 3 cashmere sweaters, a scarf, and a pair of Marc Jacobs corduroy pants, which only cost me $20.

So excited about these finds, when discussing Christmas gifts for me from the bf, he asked me what I wanted in addition to the sweater he had already gotten me. I told him that I wanted a Salvation Army shopping spree. Not surprised, he told me that would be find and on the next Saturday we went and he said I had $20 and 1 hour. This trip yielded even better finds -- a pair of Blue Cult jeans, another cashmere sweater, and a Brooks Brothers pea coat. Of these finds the pea coat was the best find because I got it for $8 -- a similar coat on the Brooks Brothers website was $698. Needless to say I am very excited about my finds.

I've also been looking for the perfect pair of brown boots for sometime now. I've checked consignment shops, thrift stores, ebay and finally found the perfect pair at They are so cute, tall burgundy/brown leather boots with a small heel, perfectly broken in, and all mine for $11. I'll post pics of everything as soon as I find my missing camera cord.

Have any of you found any great bargains lately?


LawGirl said... You might have just made my day!

Kelly said...

not quite as killer of deals, but sometimes you can nab good stuff at more than 50% off.

one deal at a time, when it's sold, they switch to a new item. sort of fun to check through out the day.

got a new backpack for $18, usually runs at about $50