Friday, January 8, 2010

Let it snow!

While many of my fellow Chicago residents may disagree with me, I absolutely love the snow. This morning when I took Ms. Paddy for her morning walk I was able to take in our most recent snowfall in its undisturbed glory.. So peaceful, just Paddy and I and the sound of snow crushing underneath our feet (and you can imagine how early I had to get up to enjoy this, but it was totally worth it).

Anyway, this is more of a thrifty finds part deux since I took a short trip to the Salvation Army yesterday. Of my more notable (only) finds were two pencil skirts which I will use to illustrate one of the most important parts of thrifting -- you have to have an imagination. This was especially true for me yesterday since I was on a mission to find colorful pencil skirts (like the ones J.Crew had this fall). I was in luck, I found two -- one is from J.Crew about a season ago but it is 3 sizes too big; the other is a really pretty purple tweed with a waist that is straight out of Working Girl. Never fear, I've got a great dry cleaner who also does alterations. All the purple skirt needs is to be hemmed (easy enough) and to have to buttons moved over slightly to give the skirt a lower waistband. The J.Crew one will be a little harder but not much, only 1 inch taken in per side and hemmed. Although I will probably pay around $30 in alterations, that plus the $6 I spent on the two items is still only about 1/4 of the price of my inspiration skirt at J.Crew.

Finally, and the most exciting news of the day, apparently DJ Pauly D will be DJing a set at a bar here in Chicago in February with JWoww and the Situation making an appearance. I'm so there.

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