Thursday, October 22, 2009

$5 Friday is upon us

Just a reminder that tomorrow is the second helping of $5 Friday. I'd love to hear some of your meal suggestions! Don't be afraid to post something that you think can't be made for under $10, I'm pretty creative so name your meal and I'll figure it out!

Also, you can get the ingredients for a meal under $10 at places other than Dollar Tree so if there is a specific place you want me to shop at let me know as well.

Finally, if you are going to participate, please become a follower if you are not already one.

Also, if I don't get any suggestions I'm going to come up with something on my own and it will probably be from Dollar Tree again (because I need to go there anyway).


CTB said...

Are you pretty much limited to vegetarian meals at the Dollar Tree?

I feel like a meal could be made just by shopping at Dollar General, but I sure wouldn't know where to start. Do they have those in Chicago?

Beth Dunn said...

I totally have track lighting, it just went un said in my post. I won't be around tomorrow but I'll catch up next week! xoxo


Leslie @ A Blonde Ambition said...

Can't wait for $5 Friday! I totally made the meal you featured last week and loved it! You're becoming my "go-to" blog for all my good, inexpensive recipes! : )

Anonymous said...

Ooo... I can't wait to see what you come up with :) I also like to pick up goodies at the farmer's market. Some of them have great deals.

AmyT said...

How about something with a Mexican kick?? ;-)