Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Fun times at the thrift store

One of the reasons I am so happy to be back in NC is that I can visit my favorite thrift stores once again. I'm sure that Chicago has amazing thrift stores, but with studying for the bar I haven't had time to check them out. As soon as I find one I'll post about what I've found.

Anyway, SNR and I went to Goodwill on Sunday and I went to MegaThrift today. I was actually on a mission both days to find the items of clothing that I forgot to pack for the trip down here. After racking my brain with images of what I have to play with in my closet at my mom's I was able to create a list consisting of: jeans, sundresses (I didn't realize it would be so freaking hot here), a dress for a rehearsal dinner (it's going to be more formal than I thought), black heels (don't ask me why I forgot these), and brownish heels to go with my dress for the aforementioned wedding.

I'm still not sure what the hell I was thinking when I packed for NC - I'm thinking the post bar haze plus several glasses of wine probably contributed to this lack of proper packing. But my thrift store missions were a success. I found a pair of Joe's jeans for $8, a pair of Ann Taylor black heels for $4, a J.Crew blue sundress for $6, a pair of floral satin heels that are purple ivory and brown for $4, two sundresses that are cute but not brand name, and a really cute white cardigan sweater.

I'm very excited about these finds. The J.Crew sundress is one of the beach dresses and I'm going to wear to the rehearsal dinner with silver ballet flats. I'm going to wear the satin heels with the brown J.Crew dress (from their wedding/party line, another Goodwill find from a couple of years ago) to the wedding.

So that's about all for today. I wish I had my camera cord so that I could post pics of my finds. Also, I've created another take on the $2 steak marinade, will post recipe if it turns out well.

Happy Wednesday.


Christina said...

What great finds! You are inspiring me to check out my local thrift stores in the near future =]

CTB said...

I really want you to be my personal thrift store shopper. Your finds area always amazing!

CTB said...

Ok, so I just map quested directions for my house to the mega thrifts in Winston Salem and apparently I'm only an hour away. I want to plan a trip asap. Do you have any recommendations?

Freck said...

Oh my gosh!!!! Those finds are amazing! If you do find items as awesome as those here in Chicago, let me know!

Anonymous said...

You always know how to find such great deals!

CTB said...

Thanks for the great tips! Do you have a blog email or anything so that I can send my questions there and not fill up all of your comment space! haha